Ida Bell Wells

Ida Bell Wells was born a slave in 1862. She was the oldest daughter of James and Lizzie Wells. The Wells family were decreed free by the Union and so were the rest of the slaves of the confederate states. This happen six months after Ida’s birth thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation. Living in a […]

Duke University

A college that I would love to attend out of state is Duke University.  Duke University is located in Durham, NC. James Buchanan Duke was the founder for Duke. there mascot is the Blue Devil, which is white and blue.  Duke has so many admission requirements that you have to have in order to attend their school. Some very important […]

Cruel Intent

  So far in my book Cruel Intent there has been lots of drama. Ali son, Chris , didn’t like the fact that his grandmother, Edie, went overboard with his engagement party. At the engagement party there was a ton of food. Chris was very upset because he wanted store brought cookies and just punch. After the […]

Cruel Intent

Bloggers so far in my book Morgan Forester, which is Bryan Forester wife, has been murder. She was murder right outside in her front yard. There had to be a lot investigations made to figure out who killed Morgan. Ali Reynolds was the main person who wanted to find out who killed Morgan because she […]

Cruel Intent

Welcome blogers, in my book Cruel Intent their is a young women named Ali Reynolds and she is a journalist. She writes about murder investigations that happen from women who dated men from offline. This is the farthest that i got to read in book but i can’t wait to read more about it.